Thank you!

By Galagowear Crew

Thank you!

Big Thank you for everyone that came to Galagowear 10year party!

We had a blast!

It is crazy to see so many people that support the movement. We will update with pictures soon!

It was over 40 people that tattoo our logo dove during party, if you have any picture on your tattoo please send it to and we will put it up on our social media or here

A special thank you to all our partners during the party, Studio S Tattoo you killed it! Swedish Match a big thank you! And at least Colosseum night club the best in town! 

Some words from one of the founder Niklas instagram the day after "In Swedish":

gwniklas: Suddig glädje igår! Stort tack till alla som kom! Helt magiskt! Också stort tack till alla artister, Dj´s och samarbetspartners! Utan alla er skulle inte Galagowear finnas! Det va en speciell kväll för oss <3 #galagowear #galagowear10year